KC Cohen

By Stephanie Butler

KC Cohen understands what the term “quarter-life crisis” means.

As a graduating senior, 21-year-old Cohen feels her final moments as a college student rapidly approaching. She describes herself as becoming “like Peter Pan wanting to move to Neverland.”

“She is freaking out,” Megan Lafferty, Cohen’s roommate and best friend, said. “I just think she hasn’t adjusted yet though. She’s trying to do all the things in Boston that she’s never done before.”

When she does graduate, Cohen, a photojournalism major with a minor in art history, aspires to be a travel photographer. She hopes to raise social awareness through her photographs, bringing people from different countries together to show that “we’re all from Earth.”

“I really love her photos,” her friend Corinne Jones said. “She once took some photos of my dance troupe and I was really impressed with her work.”

Cohen experienced her future earlier this year when she spent five months studying abroad in Austria, where she took the opportunity to travel all over Europe and take photos.

“Prague was my favorite place I visited. It is filled with history and there is never a dull moment, “ Cohen said.

Cohen has had two internships, one as a fact-checker for Santa Barbara magazine, and one as the sole photo intern for Panorama magazine, where she was able to take pictures and edit them for publication.

When not taking photos, Cohen works at the Baker Library at the Harvard Business School, a job she enjoys because she loves to read and has “always wanted to be a librarian.”

Vegetarian cuisine is another hobby for Cohen, who just doesn’t eat meat because she finds it “ gross.” Her friend Corinne describes her as being very creative with food.

Cohen was born and raised in Santa Barbara, Calif. She is particularly proud of winning the city’s Junior Carpinterian of the Year Award, which is given to one outstanding high school senior for academic achievement and leadership.

“I got to be in a parade. It was the fourth of July and I was the grand-marshall, so I was like the Santa Clause of the parade. I almost died too, when the convertible I was standing on sped up too fast,” Cohen said.

“It’s a major requirement,” Cohen said, when asked why she is taking this class. “I’m scared out of my mind. I’m just going to rely on my basic instincts and I’m sure [this class] will help me somehow.”